Daily, Synabio accompanies its member  in the application of the European Organic regulation and helps to anticipate the new regulatory reuirements. 

Organic regulation is a complex and evolving set of texts that frequently raise questions of interpretation in companies. Thanks to its expertise and its participation in regulatory work in France and Europe, Synabio helps you to correctly apply the requirements of the organic specifications.

Here are some of the many topics our members have benefited from over the last few months:

  • Evolution of the lists of additives and processing aids (Annex to Regulation 889/2008)
  • Implementation of the electronic inspection certificate for imported products
  • Change of import rules for organic products in Norway
  • New general labeling rules (INCO)

In case of doubt or question on a point of the organic regulation, our members can question the permanent team of Synabio. We reply as soon as possible, either from our knowledge of the texts, or - when necessary - by soliciting the competent partners.