Building an organic world

By joining Synabio, you will

Help achieve consistency, high standards and sustainability in the organic sector
Be part of a dense and active network of businesses
Receive ongoing support in the form of information, training and development

Take action for a consistent, rigorous and sustainable organic sector:

As a professional trade union, Synabio is working to achieve an in-depth transformation in the organic sector. To this end, it develops connections with French and EU organisations and uses its influence with public and private institutions.

We are developing our influence and presence in France and at EU level (regulations, contamination management, environmental performance etc.) and communicating regularly with public authorities, organic organisations and, more generally, NGOs and professional trade unions.

We participate in the National Origin and Quality Institute’s work on organic specifications on behalf of processors.

We are advocating, together with La Maison de la Bio, for an ambitious national strategy for the organic sector.

Receive ongoing support in the form of information, training and development

Synabio’s team of 7 permanent employees provide members with personalised day-to-day support, using monitoring tools and creating training programs as needed.

  • We answer questions quickly (within 48 hours) and with an eye for precision, directing members to relevant organisations or partners when necessary.
  • We provide customised and up-to-date advising on issues related to organic certification with regard to French and EU regulations (organic certification, general labelling rules, specifications etc.).
  • We offer support for crises arising in the organic sector.
  • We provide support for CSR issues and obtaining our organic quality certification ED.
  • Media and social media watch
  • Monthly organic market reports
  • Ongoing watch and an alert system (organic regulations, quality, official RASFF alerts etc.)
  • Monitoring of negotiations to track your relations with retailers and alerts as needed

Access to a range of training options devoted to legislation (labelling, processes, inspections, CSR, quality certifications etc.), offered both remotely and in person, with participation by experts and at preferential rates.

  • An annual training offer designed for
  • Current topics
  • Specific member needs
  • Small group sessions

For the past 7 years, Synabio has been offering specific support for organic start-ups. The programme includes:

  • Development of entrepreneurial skills via a monthly discussion group
  • A mentoring programme in which start-ups are paired with more experienced member businesses
  • Opportunities for start-ups to network with retailers and wholesalers
  • Special rates for Natexpo trade fair stands
  • Social media exposure (interviews etc.)

Be part of an active and close-knit network of businesses

With the sharing of expertise and pooling of resources, our network of businesses allows us to identify and meet member needs. We focus on collaborative approaches and sharing to develop bespoke tools for our members.

  •  Collaborative coordination of our bodies and working groups as well as collective intelligence
  • Special-topic or general meetings throughout the year to keep the network active

In these ways, we work with members to create innovative tools that are made available to our entire network.

  • Info sheets developed by working groups (packaging, GMOs etc.)
  • Continually updated guides and matrices (biodiversity guide etc.)
  • Communications kits (access to databases, info sheets, tools, articles, PR, talking points, member directory etc.)

You are an organic company, join Synabio