Building an organic world

Since its founding in 1976, Synabio has participated in various milestones in the organic sector’s development, from drafting the first specifications and obtaining official recognition in 1985 to the first communications and supply chain development initiatives.

This collective adventure is still going on, always with the goal of making organic practices a driver of the transition now underway in agriculture and food. Synabio is also behind Printemps Bio (organic spring), a nation-wide event aimed at raising the public’s awareness of organic agriculture. More recently, the union has been very active in the reform of EU regulations on organic farming (2013–2018) and the Etats Généraux de l’alimentation (French general assembly on food, 2017).

In 2021, we co-organised the Organic World Congress in Rennes. Finally, since 2021, we have been working to promote Planet-Score, a packaging label that identifies the environmental impact of food products to encourage a transition to more eco-friendly agricultural practices.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected by members, determines Synabio’s priorities and positions. Board members help coordinate working groups and represent the union to partners. The executive office, which supervises implementation of the union’s roadmap, is composed of 7 Board members. The office plans the Board meetings and sometimes also arbitrates on projects in cooperation with the Board.
  • Didier Perréol, Ekibio, Président
  • Olivier Clanchin, Triballat Noyal, Vice Président
  • Manuel Brunet, Arcadie, Vice Président
  • Thomas Breuzet, Péchalou, Trésorier
  • Marc Barré, Biofournil, Trésorier Adjoint
  • Magalie Jost, Nature et Aliments, Secretaire
  • Christophe Audouin, Les prés rient bio, Secretaire Adjoint
  • Valerie Tremblay, Pro-Natura
  • Renaud Chamonal, Ecotone
  • Pierrick de Ronne, Biocoop
  • Arnaud Vannier, La Mandorle
  • Ludovic Billard, Biolait SAS
  • Renaud Saisset, Nutrition & Santé
  • Nicolas Crabot, Atelier Sarrasin
  • Maria Pelletier, Moulin Marion
  • Raphaël de Taisne, Yumi
  • Mélanie Costaris Novais, La Vie Claire 
  • Jean Verdier, Naturgie

The permanent team

Charles Pernin
Delegate General

He implements the union’s organisation and coordinates initiatives. Together with the Board members, he leads advocacy at French and EU level.

Claire Dimier-Vallet
Assistant Delegate General

She supports X with coordination of the team and the union’s various bodies. She implements initiatives aimed at structuring supply chains and monitoring organic markets.

Cédric Herault
Office manager

He is in charge of member relations and Synabio’s administrative and accounting management. He also organises external events.

Anna Kolf
CSR Coordinator

Together with Mathilde Gsell, she steers development of the Bioentreprisedurable® certification, works on corporate social responsibility issues and coordinates the group for organic start-ups. She manages packaging topics at Synabio and coordinates the internal CSR approach.

Bernard Lignon

Regulations and Organic Product Quality Project Lead

As an expert on organic regulations, he handles the implementation of organic product quality evaluation. He represents Synabio in the National Committee on Organic Agriculture (CNAB) of the National Origin and Quality Institute (INAO).

Mathilde Gsell
CSR Coordinator

Together with Anna Kolf, she steers development of the Bioentreprisedurable® certification. She focuses on corporate social responsibility actions and coordinates the group for organic start-ups. She also leads actions related to biodiversity.

Joanna Trouchaud
Communications Manager

She is in charge of Synabio’s communications strategy and development and also represents Synabio and the organic sector on social media.

The essentials of our approach


Organic farming methods will transform agriculture and food for the better while helping solve the environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.
In 2017, we rallied all our members around laying the groundwork for this collective goal.


Synabio is an innovative organisation with a high level of expertise that brings organic businesses (processors and retailers) together around our shared values and goals.
It protects their interests and helps expand their influence within the supply chain to contribute to the construction of a consistent, rigorous and sustainable organic industry.


Promoting organic products and supporting their growth in companies and supply chains.

Influencing the economic growth strategies of the agrifoods sector as a whole.
Together with our partners, developing organic certification, taking care to safeguard the essentials of organic agriculture and integrating new societal and consumer expectations.

Developing healthful and diversified organic food for the benefit of both people and the planet, in particular by promoting technical, economic and social innovations.

The 3 pillars of our CSR policy

As a professional trade union, we take action on behalf of our members. But as an organisation with a long history in the organic sector, our work does not stop there – we also strive to make a contribution to the environmental and social transition.


Our members’ involvement in the union is one of the pillars of our operations. This principle is what connects the union’s activities and organisation.


As the head of a network, we aim to support our members with their environmental transition and, when it comes to public debate, to advocate for positions that are consistent with our mission.


Responsibility, fairness and innovation: we are committed to embodying the values we promote to our members. This is why we work for a responsible social policy.
To spread a consistent, rigorous and sustainable vision of organic practices, we develop specific initiatives with partners and are active in non-profits and NGOs that share our values.

Our partners

To spread a consistent, rigorous and sustainable vision of organic practices, we develop specific initiatives with partners and are active in non-profits and NGOs that share our values.s

Synabio has formed ties with the following players:

To promote greater consideration of biodiversity

Fondation NH

To promote consistent environmental labelling

UFC Que Choisir
Agir pour l’environnement
Générations futures

Other trade unions


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